Phen 375 Reviews : Does It Work?

P375_EN_201x201_BannerNortonWe’ll bet that you wonder if Phen 375 fat burner pill really works?… Perhaps you pondered upon the idea of losing weight using some known diet pills, but you are still on the fence about which one…

Don’t worry… you are not alone…

We will try to give you some Phen 375 customer reviews and testimonials that may put your mind to ease, or at least could help you make an opinion about the effectiveness of the product.

That way you will make an informed decision whether or not you will decide to buy Phen 375. After all, if you are searching for Phen 375 reviews, you would like to know what results other people are getting with it, wouldn’t you?…

“Well I’ve lost 5.5kg in 3 weeks, now THAT’S awesome.” – Matt, May 2012, USA


Phen 375 Official Customer Reviews


Needless to say, as any reputable merchant in the weight loss business – the merchant of Phen 375 diet pills had gone the extra mile to make available honest reviews from their previous & current customers.

Why are they doing that?… Well, there is no better way to advertise a product than showing what real customers had to say and more importantly – what results they can show to stand up behind their words.

phen375-testimonialsIf you head to the official testimonial page on the site, you are bound to be overwhelmed

by the number of testimonials left there by real customers, real weight loss results, pictures with before and after, videos and more…

as opposed to any other diet pills site out there!

Attention! Please Avoid Those Scam Sites

Some barely have 3 testimonials presented on their site, and one cannot even be certain that those are true. But hey, that doesn’t keep them for trying to con you into a so-called free trial (scam), trying to get your credit card number even before they show you the price of the product. And then, billing you as they please…

Please be aware of such sites, because the Internet abounds of them!… Use some common sense. You can easily recognize them: they have just one web page with a big & enchanting free trial offer on top … where they tell you to ‘rush your order’ … ya, right… ==>> rush it into their pockets!

As opposed to that, just take a look at the official Phen 375 site.

R.D.K holdings S.ABeside the professional look & feel, this site provides you with all the information you need within numerous pages apart from the home page: a testimonial page, a FAQ page, a company info page, a refund page and the order page where you can clearly see the price of the product and all offers available.

Now that’s a clue about the integrity and respectability of the merchant. You know where you can find them, if you ever need support & more info about the product.

Some Of The Phen 375 Customer Reviews


had doubts about the product effectiveness

I have lost 36lbs in almost 3 1/2 months

“I want to thank phen375 for the chance to share my results with others and will continue to use their product and recommend it to anyone who wishes to lose some weight.

Phen375 works very well, and has given me no side effects except for a slimmer body and a lot more confidence.”

Frank, Texas, April 2011



a new mom skeptical at the beginning

I lost about 8 lbs WITHOUT exercising

“I took PHEN375 for 1.5 months and I lost about 8 lbs WITHOUT exercising. I still need to lose another 7-8 lbs to be at my ideal weight but the supply I got was only for that length of time.

I wish I would’ve purchased the 90-day supply. It’s a better deal overall. I will try it again but this time I’m going to complement it with exercising.”

CS, California, May 2011

“I went from 130lbs to 123lbs in 2 weeks. I was very impressed, this is the first time something has worked for me.” – Afreen, June 2012, Canada


Phen 375 Before & After Result Pictures

And to give you a bigger picture of those real results, take a look at these happy customers who often took their own pictures to stand behind their success stories.

These weight loss results are not spectacular, but they are not made in Photoshop either. They are as real as they get. From real Phen 375 official customers.


“Thanks, this is my 3rd bottle. I feel healthier than ever. I’ve lost 20lbs in 5 weeks. Will do 20 more to be where I should be. Absolutely NO side effects seen. This is the best product I’ve ever tried.” – Ginnie, February 2012, USA


Do you need more? Take a look at some video reviews below:

Phen 375 Video Reviews

“Great support, great product and best of all it really worked for me. I was very surprised how I did not feel hungry like I normally do and the weight just dropped off. I have lost 12lbs and like the new me. I should also tell you, that I have more energy than I have had for years.” – Michael M, New York, June 2009

“I love this product, I have lost significant amounts of body fat! I have seen a difference in bloating, appetite, food choices, and the way my clothes fit. The fact that I can fit into the clothes I want to the numbers on the scale are irrelevant! Thank You phem375 now I have hope with NO SIDE AFFECTS!” – Latoya, August 2012

“I don’t speak English very well but Iā€™m very happy from Phen 375 : I lost 4,5 kgs during 1 month.” – Marie, July 2012, France


What About Negative Reviews?

As with other weight loss product on the market, there are people looking for negative reviews, Phen 375 complaints or to put it simple: bad reviews for Phen 375.

You have to take in consideration that NO diet pill will work for everybody, because we are all different. We have different lifestyles, different eating habits and we incorporate more or less exercise routines into our lives. We should consider even our heath status. Every one of those aspects could interfere with the weight loss process, and results expected when someone is using a diet pill.

But we did our due diligence in bringing you some other unbiased opinions about the product, (other than those on the official site), so we started to look through all kinds of forums and websites that may contain some answers about this diet pill.

So, What Did We Found …

beside those usual ‘warnings’ about how ‘every pill on the market is nothing more than a scam’, ‘don’t buy that thing – the ingredients are fake’, ‘be careful if you’re going to buy this crap’, the ‘FDA didn’t approved the product’ (as we showed here this is NOT their job) and many other phrases that you are maybe familiar with?…

No offense, but who are those people that are tossing around unqualified opinions about one product or another, without such little proof about what they’re saying, just so they feel that they have something important to say?

Finally Some Answers To Look Into

After deeper research and continuously hunting for some real answers on those kind of sites (ones that we can really take into consideration) – we found some, not many but here they are:

NO Gain

“So I purchased the product mainly to control my appetite and found it did very little. I noticed no change in hunger and in fact the only indication to me that I had been taking them was the horrid tingling in my throat, dizzy head and increased heart rate. This happened several times. Im not bothering with them any longer.” – Anna, forum


So Far Works for Me…

“Okay many people are obviously looking for the ‘magic’ pill that will make lose 40 pounds in 1 week, well, this is not the case, there is no such product. I was very skeptical of trying out the product myself since I don’t really believe in all those wonder diet pills.

However, I decided to order 2 bottles and I was quite surprised. In my first week I lost 4.6 pounds with very little exercise (walking 20-40 minutes every other day) and of course with better food choices, I created a lean plan for myself that doesn’t make me starve and is not terrible in taste.

The hardest part is being on a calorie deficit when your body craves for any snack it sees and that’s where Phen375 helps immensely. Appetite suppression I found was superb. I am not going to take this product all my life, just to help my goals and get into a habit of eating healthy.

As far as side effects, if you are getting plenty of water then there is a huge chance you will not experience any side effects whatsoever. If you take a look at the ingredients then some side effects are possible and I’ve seen many people write about dry mouth and watering eyes, but they seem to get rid of those after getting a lot of water[…]” – Mark, forum


Changed my life

“I was 19 and overweight when I dared to try these weight loss tablets, and 9 kgs later I never looked back. The weight dropped off in a few short months, and combined with exercise and the free eating plan I made permanent and lasting changes and, three years later, I have managed to maintain and continue losing weight. Oh, by the way, I also worked AND studied, partied regularly and also indulged in the occasional dinner out. I honestly don’t know how these haven’t work for everyone, they changed my life.” – Karah, forum


Don’t waste your money.

“Bought the bonus package of an extra 30 tablets for ‘free’ when you buy 90 from the official website. I’ve been on the tablets for 10 days now and have put on 2.5kg.
I guess I really knew there was no such thing as a magic pill but frivolously threw my hard earned at a quick fix. Should have known better but other reviews made it sound like it was worth a try.” – Griff, forum


“I tried Phen375 and found it really helped me with my dieting. I was not near as hungry when I took the tablets and it gave me a boost in energy. I recommend it to anyone whose willpower needs help. It was much easier to stick to my diet and I lost 5-7 pounds a week while following the diet plan for active females that I downloaded from the website.” – Diann, forum

On the (a weight loss community) it says:

“Phentemine 375 has been talked about a lot in the weight watchers community, and there has definately been a lot of hype about it generally. The WLT users who tested it saw very good results and reported fast effects in a short time. After 266 user tests, Phen375 tested spectacularly and is genuinely a great weight loss pill.Its very rare that a product tests so well and unanimously for so many users here on the weight loss forum. Its not really surprising considering that Phen 375 is so highly regarded as a weight loss pill that really works. Over 96% of users said it worked for them so its a safe bet.”

Some users reported:

“working well for me – 6 weeks in and 8 pounds lighter already. Seems to be working šŸ™‚ A++ product” – Kim202, forum

“Finally a diet pill that really works. Helped me lose my belly fat after my second kid. Awesome” – Janejane, forum

“If you want to lose weight fast then Phen 375 is definately the right weightloss pill for you. The user tests dont lie. Top product worked great for me. Thanks WLT.” – Candice, forum

“@ gowileys: yes i took the full dosage of Phen 375 and Proactol Plus together, and my weightloss accellerated over 210% from a week after I started!
@ getinthere: Yes I also read many Diet Pill reviews and weightloss testimonials before I found out whch is the strongest and fastest weight loss pill. Also I now understand how important it is to buy quality products, not that cheap crap.” – Debbielove, forum


We tried to give you all the facts and many real reviews from real customers. Many achieved great weight loss results using Phen 375 fat burner pill – and this is an understatement.

Of course there are people who didn’t like the product, or had no results at all. You have to take this into consideration. Bottom line, the decision is yours. We only hope that we’ve given you some answers, so you can decide accordingly.


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